The Motoring Enthusiast provides high quality marketing and consulting services that are among the best in the industry, in addition to website services for your car even if it is not for sale. Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions about our services.

Inspection and Consulting Services

TME is very experienced at assessing cars, and will inspect cars in Southern California for remote buyers, or accompany local buyers to inspect cars. TME also offers consulting services to help buyers determine what type of car best suits their needs, and offers expert assessments of potential candidates that draws on years of experience in the field of special interest cars, with particular emphasis on Porsches. Lastly, TME can help buyers locate and evaluate candidate cars if they are seeking something in particular.

Marketing Services to sell your car

What exactly does The Motoring Enthusiast do when it markets my car?
TME can provide the following for each car it represents:

  • An extensive set of high quality photographs
  • A comprehensive description outlining the model’s history and significance, and the specific car’s ownership and service histories, and any modifications or special features.
  • Its own website incorporating both of the above.
  • Aggressive marketing through a variety of outlets where enthusiasts prowl, including an eBay auction if desired and appropriate.
  • Advice. TME has the experience to answer questions like “Should I fix X and Y before we market the car?” or “How should we price the car?”
  • Handling inquiries and screening interested parties
  • Logistical assistance with DMV and other paperwork when the car sells, as well as shipping arrangements when necessary.

Why should I have The Motoring Enthusiast represent my car for sale?

  • TME can help you get more money for your car. These days, cars often change hands over the internet, possibly even sight unseen to the buyer. Attractive, informative, and complete presentation assuages buyers’ concerns and ultimately yields a higher selling price.
  • TME also combines the best of both worlds: dealer level service, expertise, and knowledge at a much lower cost. How? Because it has a much lower overhead. When TME represents your car, it remains with you so you can continue to enjoy it and need not fear for its safety, all while it is marketed and presented in a complete and attractive way that even most consignment-based dealers cannot match.
  • Since we come to you, marketing your car with TME is extremely convenient as well, and TME’s record with the timeliness of its sales is impressive as well. TME screens interested parties and answers their questions so that you do not have to deal with the hassle of selling your car privately.
  • TME is fast. TME has an impressive record of moving cars quickly, and while there are no guarantees here, an appealing car represented well and priced correctly will sell quickly.
  • Finally, TME’s comparatively small scale ensures that you and your car will receive personalized service.

What kind of cars does TME represent?
TME will represent a variety of special interest cars, so please feel free to contact us with specific questions about your car. The cars certainly do not need to be perfect, and indeed, an interesting project car is as welcome as a pampered garage queen. TME has experience in a wide variety of cars, all the way from pre-war Alfa Romeos, Bugattis, Mercedes (500K/540K, SSK) etc. to contemporary sports and exotic cars. TME also has extensive experience in classic Ferraris from the 1950’s to the 1970’s, as well as other varieties of classic cars from the same period such as Jaguar XK’s and E-Types, Mercedes 300SL’s, and of course, Porsches. The cars need not be universally regarded as classics either—eighties BMW’s are as welcome as an Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

How much does TME charge?

TME charges approximately according the the Fee Schedule outlined below:

Cars under $60,000: 6%
Cars between $60,000 and $120,000: 5%
Cars above $120,000: 4%

These figures compare quite favorably to the that dealers charge to consign a car (generally 10% to 12% in the lower price range). TME does not charge for the initial design and creation of the materials associated with marketing the car.

What areas does The Motoring Enthusiast serve?
TME is based in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas and will happily market the cars in those major metropolitan areas. Because of the nature of services provided, it will be necessary to inspect and photograph cars in person. We periodically travel around the US so feel free to inquire about other locations.