• Exterior: Paint to Sample Dark Red Metallic
  • Interior: Cork
  • Engine: 3.0 liter flat-6
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual 915
  • s/n: 9119200201
  • Price: SOLD TO CA

1979 Porsche 911 SC Special Order

This is a wonderfully unique low mileage special order SC with the following features:

  • Paint to sample
  • No sunroof
  • Manual windows
  • Factory Recaro sport seats
  • Low mileage (86,600)
  • Matching numbers
  • Extremely straight and rust free

The Model

The SC is widely regarded to be among the most reliable and enjoyable examples of the 911 ever built. the 3.0 litre engine is extremely reliable and does not suffer from the valve guide problems that often affect the later 3.2's. Moreover, SC's have a unique 1970's vintage feel that isn't present in the later cars. It is subtle but definitely there: the dash switches are of the older style, the headliner is the old style white kind, and the rear seats are held in place by leather straps. These are small differences, but the result is a car that feels like it's from a distinctly different period than the Carrera 3.2. That it feels both classic and is practically indestructible makes the SC one of the most unique and usable classics around. While SC's were built in fairly large numbers, they are old enough and usable enough that nice examples have become increasingly difficult to find. The fundamental appeal of the cars and the decreasing numbers of specimens means that values for nice cars are likely to increase in the future.


This particular car special ordered by its original owner in Billings, Montana. He took delivery of the car in November of 1978 at Bob Hagestad Porsche Audi in Denver, Colorado. The car came to California in 1986 where it has remained since, and has enjoyed several other enthusiastic owners. Its current owner purchased the car in 2007 and is a collector that owns or has owned two other SC's. The car has accumulated less than 1000 miles since being acquired by its current owner, and has spent most of its time in a hangar surrounded by other interesting cars. There are service records back to 2002, plus the stamped original service book. The car also comes with original invoice, window sticker, purchase agreement. The car is stock aside from a few subtle but tasteful updates, including the fitment of H4 headlamps in the sealed beam housings, a factory Carrera chin spoiler, momo shift knob, leather handbrake grip, and aftermarket stereo with MB Quart components and Alpine receiver. The car is also fitted with tan instrument faces, which are quite striking and of high quality. Per the original invoice, the car was also fitted with forged 16" Fuchs alloy wheels, power antenna, sport seats, Bilstein shock absorbers, engine compartment light, rear speakers, and black trim. Though the car is shown with European rear lenses, it is currently fitted with US lenses.


November 2002: Replace windscreen.
November 2002/58,930 miles: Replace steering rack, perform alignment, remove AC ($833.41).
March 2003/60,187 miles: Change oil, replace windscreen washer pump and nozzles, replace battery and fog light harness ($657.33).
April 2003/60,578 miles: Pre-purchase inspection for new owner, replace throttle linkage bushings, adjust clutch, perform compression check (150psi across all six cylinders) ($256.87).
April 2003/60,607 miles: Major service: adjust valves, change oil and gearbox oil, fuel filters, spark plugs ($626.09).
December 2004/75,117 miles: Smog check ($70.00).
April 2005/76,432 miles: Oil service ($152.47).
May 2006/79,961 miles: Major service: change transmission and differential oil, filters, spark plugs, brake fluid, adjust valves, replace lower valve covers and oil return tubes ($2,185.09).
July 2006/80,480 miles: Correct rich running, replace steering column upper bearing sleeve ($125.92).
September 2007/85,203 miles: Oil service ($163.96).
October 2007/85,719 miles: PPI ($135.00).
September 2008/86,370 miles: Replace air pump and verify emissions (found to be very good) ($447.88).


This car has been well-preserved, with a time-warp condition interior, and extremely straight rust-free body. The paintwork has numerous blemishes and should be renewed to bring the external presentation up to the incredibly high standards of the rest of the car. There are minor chips about the car, including the vulnerable front valance and bumper. There is also the occasional scratch, in addition to checking on the left rear fender. The body itself is in great shape, with tight and consistent gaps, and arrow-straight panels. The doors and deck lids shut properly, reinforcing the impression that this is a no-stories unmolested example. As is often the case with 911's, the front decklid struts no longer work, though they are easy and inexpensive to replace. Aside from the vertical strip on the left rear quarter window being missing, all trim is present and in fine shape. The rubber is generally good, aside from the front "smile" between the decklid and bumper, which displays some waviness. The glass and lights are in fine shape, and the car has been fitted with dramatically better Hella H4 headlights in the US housings. One fog light does have a crack in it. The car is currently fitted with red US rear lenses rather than the amber European ones depicted in the photos. The wheels appear never to have been restored, but remain in very good condition.

The interior of this car is nothing short of spectacular. It has never been restored, and remains in beautiful condition, with almost no signs of wear whatsoever, an absolutely shocking feat considering that the car is over thirty years old now. Everything inside is in superb shape, from the rare and desirable sport seats to the carpets, dashboard, and headliner. The dashboard has no warpage or cracks, and the instruments and switches are crisp in operation and appearance. The door panels are great, as are the door pockets; only the lids display a bit of warpage. The vulnerable seat bolsters are superb, with only the lightest of wear present on the driver's seat. The only blemish worth noting in the interior is a small tear in the center console upholstery. otherwise, the interior is very much as it would have been when new. Indeed, When I was a child, my father had an SC as his every day driver, and this car's interior is a dead ringer for a new example, right down to the smell!

The trunk is original and is tidy, though there is a small hole (likely from battery acid) in the carpeting. The original compressor, spare, and jack are present, and removing the carpet reveals straight inner panels. The floor in the front area (near the jack) displays light surface corrosion, but nothing structural whatsoever, as to be expected of a California car. The engine compartment is stock, with no signs of modification or tampering, and is in nice unrestored shape. The original decals still present, right down to the emission control information one on the inside of the engine lid. The various original parts such as the fuse block cover are still in place, and the inner body panels are in great shape. There is the normal soiling associated with regular use, but an afternoon spent detailing would do wonders.

The driving experience of this example also reinforces the impression of a low mileage unmolested example. The car feels extremely tight and whole in a way that a car that has been disassembled rarely does. The driving experience also reminds the driver why these cars are so legendary. The steering is wonderfully light and communicative, while the extra oomph from the lack of air conditioning is also welcome. The suspension behaves as it should, providing excellent body control and composure. The brakes are very effective and tremendously easy to modulate, with unusually good grab and none of the wooden feel that can sometimes afflict 911's. This example's gearbox is a real sweetheart of a 915. The 915 is often criticised for being archaic, but this one is superb. The synchros work effortlessly and quickly, and is an overall pleasure to use.