1968 Aston Martin DB6 Coupe For Sale
  • Exterior: Red
  • Interior: Black Leather
  • Engine: 4.0 liter inline-6
  • Transmission: 5-speed ZF manual
  • s/n: DB63394L
  • Mileage: 82,000km
  • Price: SOLD TO CT


1968 Aston Martin DB6 Coupe

This is a lovely Aston Martin DB6 that was sold new to a Scottish noble and businessman. It has been fastidiously maintained and is in excellent cosmetic, mechanical, and running order throughout. It is very complete with Aston Martin build sheet, tools, jack, and manuals.

This car is in Lafayette, CA

The Model

Introduced in October of 1965 at the London Motor Show, the Aston Martin DB6 was the ultimate development of Aston Martin’s legendary line of six-cylinder David Brown cars. Taking the already impressive DB5 as a base, the DB6 included revised aerodynamics were revised to reduce rear end lift at high speed, particularly through the inclusion of the Kamm tail. The wheelbase was also lengthened to improve stability and provide more space for the rear occupants. A ZF 5-speed gearbox was standard, and the engine was a 4 liter triple carbureted variant of the lovely alloy twin-cam inline-6 designed by Tadek Marek. The car was a powerful and elegant sports touring car, one which remains a timeless blue-chip classic thanks to its blend of all the ingredients that make a car universally appealing. Aesthetically and mechanically, the car is captivating and appealing, while the touch of star quality from the association of Astons with James Bond is still quite culturally relevant.


This particular example is a wonderfully preserved example that has seen some restorative work, but has never required full disassembly for restoration. It was completed on the 2nd of February 1968, and was sold new to Sir Hugh Fraser, chairman of the Fraser Group, which owned the department stores House of Fraser as well as the famous department store Harrods. He was also chairman of George Outram Company and Whyte and Mackay. Though Sir High Fraser was a Scotsman, he ordered the car in LHD with a kph speedometer, likely because of his intention to use the car in France since he purportedly kept a flat in Paris.

The car comes with a 1983 letter from the Aston Martin Factory and a copy of the original build sheet also supplied by them, corroborating the car’s original owner, as well as the options, which included metric instruments, LHD configuration, 3.73 limited slip differential, Marchal headlamps (which the car retains), three SU carburetor engine breather system, chrome wheels, heated rear windscreen, three ear spinners, and power aerial. Additionally, the build sheet confirms that the car was originally finished in Fiesta Red with Black Connolly leather interior. The car was serviced at the Aston Martin Works in June of 1968, at which time the car had 901 miles. At this time, the car was retrofitted with ZF power steering as well.

The car was imported to British Columbia, Canada, from France in 1970. It remained in British Columbia until 2007, when its current owner purchased it. The car prior to the current owner purchased the car in July of 1983 with 67,260km, and proceeded to perform a partial restoration between 1984 and 1988. This included full repaint with some minor body and chassis repair, and engine rebuild including reground crankshaft, rebuilt carburetors, and rebuilt cylinder head. A new clutch and U-joints were also fitted, the radiator recored, most of the suspension rebuilt, new stainless exhaust fitted, new windscreen, and most of the chrome redone (including wheels and bumpers). The Lockheed brake servos were rebuilt in 2005, and electronic Pertronix ignition was also fitted.

The current owner is a collector in California, and purchased the car in 2007 and imported it following a careful search. The car had covered just under 75,000km, and retained its original interior, other than the headrests, which had been reupholstered. Under his care, the car has been properly maintained, looked after, and enjoyed, covering some over 7000 km. Under his care, the car has been fitted with a modern vintage styled pinstripe Becker Mexico radio, and had numerous other items addressed. Included among these are replacing a shock link and the Watts linkage, rebuilding the carburetors, rebuilding the oil cooler, replacing the power steering gaiters, and performing various other small jobs.


Cosmetically, the car is in excellent order. The body is in very good shape, with no noted corrosion, either above or below. The paintwork was performed to high standards and remains in excellent shape throughout. The chrome is also very nice, with no significant pitting or aging in evidence. The trim, glass, and lights are excellent as well, and the car sits on proper chromed wire wheels. The Webasto full length sunroof was restored and remains excellent.

The interior is also in excellent shape. The dashboard and instruments are excellent, and the leather upholstery has a lovely patina. The wood-rimmed steering wheel is in excellent shape, as is the chrome trim. The carpets are excellent wool and the seat belts are black original type Britax Aston Martin-branded items. The radio is a modern Becker Mexico with navigation, and is styled in the pinstripe aesthetic of the classic Beckers of the 1960’s.

The trunk is nicely finished in black wool, while the engine compartment is quite correct and very clean. It is clear that the engine compartment has been attentively maintained to high standards. The undercarriage appears to be predominantly original and is structurally excellent.

The high standard to which this car has been maintained is also evident in how it drives. The engine starts easily and idles properly with good oil pressure throughout the rev range. The engine is torquey, extremely tractable, and well-tuned. The clutch takeup is smooth and reassuring, while the gearbox is excellent throughout, providing good feedback and displaying proper operation of the synchromesh. The chassis feels solid, and the overall driving experience is confidence-inspiring and very enjoyable.

This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire a very high caliber DB6 to drive and enjoy. Cosmetically strong, meticulously maintained, superbly documented, and best of all, a superb driving example, this car is ideally suited to regular use, casual showing, or as an event car. The public response is consistently favorable, and indeed, the car recently won a people’s choice award at a small local car show.

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